Partnership mit mysupply

BECKPROCON is pleased to announce a new partnership with mysupply. Our cooperation marks the beginning of a new era in procurement and purchasing management. Together with mysupply, a leading provider in the automation of procurement processes, we are setting new standards in efficiency and cost savings.

What is mysupply?

Mysupply is not just a software – it is a revolution in the purchasing process. This platform makes it possible to almost completely automate procurement processes and negotiate offers efficiently. Here are some core features:

  • Automated procurement: Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a new era of efficiency.
  • Intelligent negotiations: Improve your purchasing terms through automated, strategic negotiation.
  • Bundling of requirements: Use the potential of collaborative purchasing to achieve better prices.

Our role in this partnership

As a proud partner of mysupply, BECKPROCON offers a comprehensive service to integrate this innovative approach to purchasing into your company:

  • Individual product presentations: Let us show you how mysupply can revolutionize your purchasing process.
  • Support during implementation: We are at your side right from the start to ensure the seamless integration of mysupply into your company.
  • Take over operational purchasing activities: Benefit from our know-how by letting us take over your operational purchasing activities and optimize them with mysupply.

Why mysupply and BECKPROCON are the right choice

With mysupply, you are not just choosing software, but with BECKPROCON a comprehensive solution that changes your purchasing process from the ground up. You benefit from:

  • Time savings: Significantly reduce the time spent on manual procurement processes.
  • Cost efficiency: Achieve significant savings through better negotiation results and bundled purchasing power.
  • Process optimization: Experience how your purchasing processes improve through automation and intelligent analyses.

Take the future into your own hands

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your procurement process with BECKPROCON and mysupply. Contact us today to arrange a personal consultation and demonstration. Learn more about mysupply at and discover how we can revolutionize your procurement processes.

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