Cost reduction through process optimization, supplier development and improvement of negotiation position.

What if your purchasing prices were not only reviewed, but savings were also made?

Imagine if the purchasing volume of a production company, often over 68% of total costs, could be reduced.

Does a reduction in material costs necessarily mean poorer product quality? No, it is often a clever product change.

The aim is to ensure consistent quality at better conditions.

How do we do this? By closely examining your supply chains and those of your upstream suppliers.

Imagine cutting costs without compromising the quality of your products.

So why is Beckprocon the perfect partner for your purchasing strategy?

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Thanks to our many years of purchasing experience in a wide range of industries, we work with you to efficiently implement the agreed strategies and processes. The streamlined and more effective processes free up your employees to focus on your company’s core competencies.

We help you to deploy the resources gained in the right places. You will become more successful in the long term and focus on your competitiveness and innovative capacity. This also applies to the development of promising and innovative suppliers.

BECKPROCON also supports you in optimizing your procurement landscape with the help of SAP (MM).

Aligning the software with the various purchasing areas, optimizing functions and training employees are also core competencies of the BECKPROCON team.

Advantages of purchasing consulting with BECKPROCON

Cost savings

We help companies to leverage cost and savings potential by identifying and implementing savings opportunities. We also strengthen the company’s negotiating position in order to achieve more favorable prices and conditions with suppliers.

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Time saving

With our support, our customers can save valuable time by focusing entirely on optimizing the purchasing process and identifying and eliminating time-wasters.

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Risk reduction

A professional and structured purchasing organization and optimized processes can also minimize risks such as delivery bottlenecks, quality deficiencies or legal problems.


With rapidly changing market conditions and requirements, we react flexibly to the respective needs of our customers.

Improvement of supplier relations

We promote professional and fair cooperation with suppliers, thus improving relationships. We regularly monitor and evaluate supplier performance.

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Compensation models

Compensation based on daily rates

We conduct a potential analysis based on consultant days. Afterwards, we estimate the implementation effort together with you and offer it in the form of daily rates. Upon request, the implementation can also be invoiced at a fixed lump sum.

Remuneration based on project success

We can also offer you a success-based remuneration. Here, the daily rate is significantly reduced, and we receive a share of the achieved savings. The criteria for determining success will be established in collaboration with you.

We are your partner

How costly are disruptions in purchasing when employees are absent, projects pile up, there is an overload or capacity bottlenecks occur?

This is exactly where BECKPROCON comes in.

We tailor concepts that take the pressure off your purchasing department. Imagine that we are your sparring partner, a part of your company, always with the aim of achieving top performance in the purchasing department. We talk to you as equals and solve procurement-related problems.

Are digitalization, supplier management, contract design and implementation, SAP processes and procurement logistics not commonplace for you? They are for us!

Imagine outsourcing individual projects or even the entire purchasing process. What would that mean for your company? More free capacity! BECKPROCON takes over the purchasing strategy, analyzes every step and keeps the company management informed at all times.

We support you in supplier management, contract negotiations and monitoring on-time deliveries, and our team is digital, professional, solution-oriented and familiar with various industries. Would you like long-term support for your purchasing department? BECKPROCON is ready to help. Get in touch with us! We will review your case immediately and find the best solution together.